Jasmine's Hairdressing Studio

Personalized touch of trend and glamour to all your hair styling needs

                                                                                                                                                      Johnsonville  Hairstylist 


Qualified In Hong Kong With New Zealand And Overseas Work Experience,

Jasmine‘s personalised touch of trend and glamour is truly relaxing, warm and friendly.

Thanks to the loyalty of all the clients over last 39 years, that Jasmine has proved her positive attitude towards her career and has gained tremendous knowledge on Hair care, latest haircuts, coloring, hair sets and much more.

To meet the continually changing needs of your hair and fashion;

Jasmine’s Hairdressing studio carries a Certified plant based range of products “Delorenzo”. Delorenzo's Nova colors are plant based and professional. Their styling products have no animal ingredient nor are they tested on animals. They are environmentally responsible plant based products.

Except for Eslabondexx -- NIO protect technology

Jasmine is always pleased to serve all new and existing clients .